miércoles, 10 de noviembre de 2010

It's a trap!

So... here I am, trying to talk in English about my thoughts.
It's a must to say that basically, I'm not what you would describe as a good Spanish speakers, even being my mother language, so you should not hope me to be a good English speaker (when saying speaker, I want to lie about both speaking and writing)

Once that it has been said, here comes the topic.

What's going to happen with the humankind?

I don't know, but I care about that and that's the main difference between me and most humankind.
World being a crap should not be a real problem, the real problem comes when people doesn't care about that, when people think that crap things are just the way the should be.

We're living in a strange world, fortunately or not, our ancestors create it, I mean, not The World, Our World.

They create a strange machinery, that worked for a really long time (not so long but while talking about lifetime, it's fucking huge) but that doesn't fit nowadays.

They created and used some technology they thought they can control, but they missed something, knowing the way something does what it does and being able to improve DOES NOT MEAN UNDERSTAND IT.

I'll try to explain that last sentence: Computer science and internet.

I must take a break again, a previous explanation feels needed. Woah! Computer scientists your awesome, your work is great, there's no problem about that, it's about the way people think it must be used for.

Here I come again... What was I talking about? ah! Internet and computer science, yap, let's talk about that.

I was born in 1987 so I can be considered one of those people that growth besides PC's . I've been always near them, I can't remember myself using Comodoro, but my grandfather does, I love that, I've been working in MS-Dos, Windows 3.11, 95, 98, ¿Millenium? (was it a joke or an operating system?) XP, Vista and I'm trying to keep away from 7, I run my PC under Ubuntu 9.1 but I started using Ubuntu at 7.04 (for Ubuntu haters, just try it, there have been real improvements in Ubuntu since that time when your graphic card didn't work).
I started using Internet in 1998 and I've been here for... just 12 years, if we consider that real internet come to live roughly at 1992, we could say that I've seen it growing up while growing up myself too.

Why am I talking about that? That's simple, who knows you better, your parents who saw you growing up or your friends who growth up with you?

Simple question right? So where am I leading to?
Our World, (the world our father create) is using technologies that doesn't "understand" they create them for they're own purposes but they forgot about their feelings. Talking about internet as a "death item" is simply ridiculous, it's a living entity, it's the "solid shape" of our thoughts, it has conscience of everything around it, and what's really important, about itself and it's becoming conscient of its feelings and aspiration. It will soon stop letting us use it as a mere "mula de carga". Technology is alive and it's coming for us!! (Robot joke!) , yap, not coming for us, but webs like wikileaks, blogger, wikipedia, google earth and so on show us that it has it's own voice, ok, it's a voice that we lend to it, but being serious; Could we stop lending it to it? No, holy crap! it's coming for us!! Asimov, your laws fault as! (holy hell! another stupid joke!!).

So, trying to end this stupid text that has no real meaning at all, not even for me,(even being really similar to "mis ideas hechas piedra") I want to ask you.

Should we stop just using internet and technology and start working with it? It's alive!

PD: agradezco por igual correcciones, hoy en concreto, creo que me interesan más que los comentarios, al fin y al cabo, resulta difícil encontrar un auténtico mensaje en ese texto, es decir, sin ideas... solo queda la forma :)

Good luck and have fun!

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teologiadeS dijo...

I agree, people does not know tue utility of internet and computers.

I disagree in the point that new tech is going to come for us.

Nice review.
And I don't see any mistake