lunes, 28 de febrero de 2011

palabras, sólo palabras...

Ok, first thing I must say:
in Spanish that was some kind of poem whose ritm I've not been able to fix, so I thought that I could translate it into English and morph it in some kind of "parable". Once it's said, let try.

Long time ago I met a guy:
He was so poor that he only owned his words. He looked at me crying and said:
Here we are, me and my words, wherever I look I see them, the ones who owns riches and power, I can see the beauty ones and those whose voice or hands were gifted by music itself. They all are so happy and I'm so sad... I have words... that's all.

I sat down at his left side, put my hand over his shoulders and pointed to the horizon.
Life is so long... (I said) Can you see the future, don't you? Can't you see those wells of riches getting dry? Can't you see time corrupting the beauty of youth? Can't you see how the most beautiful voice shatters? You have words, just words, but words are forever, as the endless sky.

His last tear sprang. But then a girl came.She sat down at his right side and said:
You have words, and words are forever but love is not and flowers like me doesn't feed on words. And then she winded up.

Como siempre, pedir perdón por los errores gramaticales y ortográficos cometidos =)
¡Hasta otra!

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Irene Bebop dijo...

"Las palabras son para siempre pero el amor no." Como la vida misma.
Suerte para ese hombrecillo.