miércoles, 4 de mayo de 2011


Packs you said?
I use to have one; I was happy there.
No, of course, I haven't got one right now. I don't want it. I had one and I can't really think about a different one... you know?
That was my pack, just that one and no other, some people usually say:
"one life, one love, one God"
I'm not quite sure about God's existence and my mind would love to be able to have more than one single life... about love I just wish that there's more than just one. In the other hand I'm quite sure about packs, there's only one pack for everyone I had mine, and as far as they keep alive, I'll keep hoping we'll unite again sometime in the future so...
Why should I look for a pack if mine's still alive?
"Keep living, keep hoping"
And you know I dreamed about that:
Some day in a rainy, cold and howling night we'll meet again. Lighted for a single lamp... wearing the gray gabardine he always loved, hooded in red, playing with his black hat's edge and smoking those stinky black tobacco cigarettes, we four will have a small talk and then, there will be nothing to be said.
Since the day I had that dream, when it's a cold windy and rainy night, when I'm being tipped down I look for lonely lamps hoping to meet them... but you know... even now, we're still together somehow.

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