sábado, 30 de junio de 2012

And God, I know, I'm one

It's been so long since that day when I learnt about your way of life that I'm starting to doubt about everything I do. When we first met I thought you were the one who was wrong, but today everything looks much different.
You decide to live your life by staying alive, I tried to build my dreams from the foundations of life itself.
But it seems that there's no such a thing, there's no mistery, no secret question and of course, not a secret answer. Life does not know about maths and logic, we're matter and energy which somehow get to move by itself, but nothing more.
Now I'm to think about what I've done and do while trying bring some light into this foggy world which I own, and I've discovered that I can do nothing but to warn your mothers "Tell them not to do what I have done"
Listen to the song!

To infinte and beyond! (Me voy a echar unos litros, un saludo)

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